If I were so curious to venture to a place that habitually attracted an unsavory crowd of 42 million persons per year during a modern day plague — I would think Las Vegas would be last on the travel list. However, it’s probably one of the best places to visit during this pandemic!

As a tour guide on the Vegas Strip and Downtown, I have nice upfront and close experience with the situation at the ground-level on a daily basis. Literally, I host a walking tour on the Las Vegas Strip about once every other day (down from 1–3 per…

Vegas Dinning — La Cave Wine & Food

La Cave... that's fuckin it.

Cave, dinning room and garden. Real plants @plantslut_lv

Recommend the wine flight to try different shit. I'm a sucker for red especially dry reds and they had a Barbaresco (Piedmont) workin tonight. Had to have it. Suck my mouth dry until I'm dead on the floor and bury me Sam Rothstein Casino style in the Nevada desert!

The short rib tacos, avocado cream, tomatos and cilantro... 🤤🤤 Enough said. Ok, they're beefy and great for an appetizer split between two.

Then, get the beef filet crostini. Blue…

Mt. Charleston — Vegas Mountain Retreat

The contrast! Desert to wilderness!

I never get tired of this drive!

An hour outside from the Las Vegas Strip we have the Red Rock Conservation area and the Spring Mountains. The most prominent peak being Charleston Peak at 11,916 feet but what locals know it as Mt. Charleston named after southerns from Charleston who settled in the area. So cool to see the winds blowing snow off the saddle today!

Anyways, before the fake showgirls and Elvis's and slot machines, native Americans from the Southern Paiutes and the Chemehuev, Washoe and Mojave Tribes…

1. Good morning. Buenos dias.

2. I'm glad I'm not in 114° Vegas heat 😂🙈 that's 45°C and it's like, I don't know, I'm not gonna fuckin check but I'm gonna guess it's 70°F in Puebla right now. (10 seconds later…) 72°F close enough! It's the middle of August and it's 72!

2. Here's a shot of some Instagramable steps in Atlixco. Atlixco is a little town in the state of Puebla. Originally I was staying here the whole week, my first two weeks primarily because it’s about 15 minutes from the skydive center/ dropzone (Skydive Puebla). …

If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down.

If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down.

Everything, the details in the town, the corn on the stalks in the fields, I could see the red door of a tienda, maybe it was that cafe on the corner w/ the view of Cerro de San Miguel? Either way, it was all growing larger the closer I got. Although my altimeter read 5,000 feet, I was actually more like 500 feet and two seconds from smashing myself into the ground at 129 mph. I couldn't find the pilot-chute. It wasn't just there. I kept trying to…

I’m a Gringo (w/ a capital G out of respect for the Gringo nation) and I’ve been Gringoing in Mexico for a five weeks now.

However, this past week, I’ve been slithering around the gridded stone-paved calles of Centro Puebla slanging my Spanglish around for 16 peso red gordita de chicharróns and 16 peso cafe con leches which always just end up being a latte. I say, “cafe con leche, por favor!” and they shoot back "cappuccino?" "No, cafe negro, con un poco leche." "Oh! Latte!" "Noo..." Getting it right is a 50/50 shot really.

Anyway, Puebla is fucking cool…

One Magical Date Spot in Atlixco, Mexico

A private table and balcony for two surrounded by lights and spanish architecture.

I'm in love!

I'm having too much fun playing with these photos! I've done em up every way imaginable and I'm settling on these!

It's a photographers' night time wet dream right now and I should have waited a little bit longer because the rain (which typical of Atlixco, falls every night just after an ocean filled blue sky during the day) has recently stopped to no more than a light trickle. The streets of cobble stone have be glossed by the rain which compliments the scene from the balcony being surrounded by…

Let’s talk about some athletics I enjoy and love & their entry to participate.

I will preface this by saying that I’m clearly not professional at anything but jokingly criticising things but since I don’t get paid for this, I guess it doesn’t make me even a pro at that.

By the looks of my im not athletic. Not super muscular, not 10% body fat and not 6 foot! However, i hate going to the gym so engaging in some sports is my way of staying fit. I’m not traditional. …

You gotta jump to fly.

Thought of putting some motivational inspirational quote here but there’s enough of that bullshit on our feeds already. So here’s some more.
I am a big believer in doing things you enjoy & taking the risk (if any) to make what you want happen. No one wants to be 60yrs old and telling youngsters, “I wish I had done this…” or “I regret not doing that…” however, it’s always easier said than done. I do believe in stepping into your fears. …

Jonathan Hernandez

Tourguide operating two exploratory walking experiences of the Best Must-See Spots on the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Las Vegas

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